Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prayer Flag #2

 My second prayer flag-this time sized as it should be.  I guess my theme is Home.  If I do text again I will have to come up with a different way to apply it because I don't like my handwriting.
 Here are the two that I have completed.  I am just pinning them to the clothesline to photograph them but will string them up when I am done.  I don't know how many I will make-at least one more to go on the other side of the large one.
I got some thermofax screens in the mail the other day and played around with this one today.  It is called Cascading Branches, but I like it turned upside down.  Unfortunately I printed the orange in the lower right corner upside down.  I do like the effect of layering and think that it will be cool to print foliage, print a bird, then print more foliage on top.  The top half of this fabric was an unsuccessful attempt at rubbing with shiva paintsticks.  Now I know that I need a rubber mat of some sort to keep the plate from slipping, then tape the fabric. The second picture is the fabric before I screened it. It is better with the sreen print on top.  In all of the DVD's that I have watched, it seemed like they were pouring alot of paint onto the screen.  With the thermofax screens, I found out quickly that I didn't need as much paint as I had put down!  I used a cut off foam brush rather than a squeegee.  I watched Lynn Krawycz's DVD and some Utube videos and the screens came from her, also.  Perhaps the next screens I order will be my own design.

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