Monday, November 12, 2012

Print Day

I had not printed for a very long while. In fact, since I printed flags for Kristin's wedding, which I do intend to post about, at a later time.  I have used some of these screens and stencils before, but as an afterthought-on top of the block prints.  This time I decided that the screen and stencils should be printed first.
 Some of these are ready for my block fish or birds but some of them will get another screen or two on top.  I couldn't work fast enough and the screens were clogging.
 I printed the largest of the stencil waste that I have.  The one on the bottom, farthest right will get halibut printed on it.
I will print yellow on top of these, but maybe another layer of red.  I really am pleased with the prints that incorporate yellow and red.

Fun times.


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