Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I live in a very small house.  When something is not in use, it gets stowed away.   Once I got out all the gear for dying, I can't stop until I am done!  No dawdling about it.  For the last week, I have done some sort of task related to dying every day.  These photos show some of what I have accomplished.  I dyed several 6 step gradations.  I have been starting with dye and fabric, after 10 minutes add soda ash, then another piece of fabric, and so on, so that it gets lighter as you add fabric. 
 Some of them don't have as much variance as I would like to see.  The next batch I will try mixing the dye for each step.  More work, but if I get better results...These are all fat eighths.  Mixing each stage, I will do larger pieces of fabric.
 this piece started out as a light peach color.  I stitched the circles, then dyed it in red dye.  I dipped the stitched portion then submerged the fabric with the stitched part sticking out.  The center circles has the most definition,
 This piece started out yellow.  I had bound some stones before dying, but it really didn't show on the yellow, so I bound it with rubber bands and dyed it in orange.  What is weird is that the original bindings show better now!
 Small stones bound with rubber bands.  I like this, but I wish I had dyed it first.  Try again...
 Pole wrapped shibori.
 This piece was yellow, bound with rubber bands, then dyed in red and fushia, bound with rubber bands again.
Another piece of pole wrapped shibori.  I also dyed some scarves with this batch, but took no photos.  Nothing terribly extraordinary.  Now it is time to take todays work out of the drier and see what I got!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I did my first dying of the summer, yesterday. I posted some pics of the scarves tha Olivia and I dyed yesterday, but I managed to be patient enough with my cotton to wait until morning to rinse everything out. I was so anxious to get started that I began as soon as I got out of bed. I got caught in my jammies, hair not combed, and very colorful hands, by some old friends who are visiting Kodiak.

My Northern Lights piece.  this piece was stitched.  I used to thick of thread which left thread marks which could have been avoided with thinner thread.  I think.  I had alot of trouble removing the thread from a wet piece of fabric.  Perhaps on the next stitched pieces I should dry it before I try removing the thread.  I ended up with some small hole that, although they are unfortunate, won't matter because the piece will be cut up.

Pole wrapped shibori.  Water...

I used aquarium stones and baby rubberband to bind this piece.  I tried to stitch the stem and leaves but that does not show up very well.

This is another stitched piece.  It didn't turn out as I had expected but I like it alot.
Pole and rope wrapped shibori.  More water...

And more water...

I came home from work and mixed up dye for tomorrow.  I am going to dye a 12 step colorwheel gradation.  I learned last year that if you want them all to turn out similar, you need to use the same size of container.  I had a friend in a restaurant save 1/2 gal sour cream containers for me and I found some pitchers at Walmart, so i am set.  I want my gradation to have the same mottled appearance.  I want to dye yards of fabric so I had to mix up lots of dye.  Had a near disaster.  I bought a cheap blender to mix my dyes.  Even though I had it in a washtub, I made a big mess.  For some reason turquoise foams up alot in the blender.  I had turquoise dye all over the place-including my new shirt that I wasn't smart enough to change when I came home!  But, I got the shirt sprayed and into the wash right away so it is fine, and the dye was cleaned up before Nick got home.  He would not have been happy!

I have been having trouble with Blogger tonight-doesn't want to upload photos, and stuff keeps disappearing, then when I preview, its is there more than once.  I need my bed....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dye Day

Prayer Flags for Ron.  My friend Ron had a stroke last week so I made these flags for him.  Truxton and Olivia graciously offered to hold them up so I could take a photo.  I will send them to Anchorage with friends that are going to visit.
 I spent the day today with my son, Nick's, kids-Truxton, Olivia and Braelyn.  We started the day previewing the movie, Winnie the Pooh, at the theater AI manage.  When we returned to my house, Braelyn took a nap, and the older kids wer busily occupied so I got out the dye I mixed up yesterday, and all of the poles that I wrapped some time ago- you can see here: http://sallysartquilts.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-i-have-been-doing.html
 Most of it I am leaving to cure overnight but I couldn't wait, and rinsed out three scarves.

 Olivia did this one for her Grandma Darlene.
 This is hers, too.  I really like the lighter blue sections.
This is one that I did.  I bound stones and tied them off with little rubber bands.   This one is not destined to remain a scarf since I was impatient removing the rubber bands and accidently cut the scarf a tiny bit.  Now I will cut it up and find a creative use for it.  Stay tuned-tomorrow I will post pics of my water and northern lights shibori.  Better turn out really cool since I have hours into the preparation for dying!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Truckies Prayer Flags for Darlene

When I got off the plane last night, my grandson Truckie, met me at the airport with his bag packed to come spend the night at my house.  We got up this morning and he printed his flags for his Grandma Darlene.  Unfortunately, the phone started to ring and I was not as attentive as I would have liked, but he did a pretty good job on his own-aside from the upside down HOME.  We decided to go with it-it will give Darlene a laugh!  My friend, Ron, had a stroke a couple of days ago, so while we had the stuff out, I printed a set of flags for him, as well.  Truckie used fabric paints, so they are dry.  I used oil based ink, so mine need to dry for a couple of days.  Then I will post a picture.


I just returned from spending a week in Anchorage.  I took my granddaughter, Olivia, to visit with her cousin, Callista.  That was the reason for going to Anchorage, but my daughters, Ingrid and Kristin also had an agenda!  Here you see Ingrid slaving over her sewing machine(actually, Kristin's because Ingrid couldn't find her foot pedal and power cord). 

 We had made most of the squares previously.  Here you can see the quilt with part of the sashing added, laid out on the bed to arrange the squares.
 This is how far we got.  She still has a row of 1/2 square triangles and a 6" border to add.  There was no stopping Ingrid!
 Kristin was intrigued with the prayer flags I had made.  At Christmas I gave her a 12 step fat quarter gradation which we tore up and printed with the stamps I have carved.  She could hardly wait for the ink to dry to hang them.  She strung these from the fence in front of her house.
And these in front of her lovely garden. She has one more strand in front of her house. She calls them her Alaskan Peace Flags. I want to make some for me but I have to dye more fabric first. We also made 29 jars of raspberry jam from berries growing in her yard. Of course, we showed Olivia city life too.

Build A Bear Workshop

 Waiting for Mom to get off work, outside City Hall, after an afternoon of shopping for school clothes.
After some margueritas at the house, we decided to walk to dinner.

Olivia jumping on the trampoline with her crazy Aunties!

Had a great time!  Thanks Kristin, Ingrid, Mike and Callista!


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