Monday, April 25, 2011

It all started innocently enough...

Actually it didn't. It started as a pout and went from there. I couldn't stop! There was ink that would be wasted, I wanted to try one more thing, try to get it better. But, 4 hours later, my prints are stacked in paper, and nearly all evidence of the fact that I decided to print today instead of do invoices is cleaned up. And I do still have time to do the invoicing! After I finish posting this!

I started here today, designing a border for this print.  It was printed with Speedball water soluble ink and is not at all permanent.  Do any of my artist friends out there have any suggestions for something I can apply to the print to make it permanent?  Looking at this photo, I can see that I have some work to do in developing the gradation for the border.  Not enough contrast in the dark area and a gap in the lights.

 My petroglyph print.  I am trying not to print right in the middle and not exactly straight so I have options when I get to the construction phase.  Anyway, it is hard to print right in the middle!
 A close up on silk that I got from my daughter, Kristin for Christmas.
 Another close up on fabric I dyed.  I think this is the best of this group.
My chickadees.  On this one it is very evident that I have carved all of my backgrounds much too deeply.  I did not get it, obviously.  I intend to cut away the background completely on this, anyway, but wanted to do an edition before I do that. Click here to see an example of a block printed after I cut away the background. Also, this is just the first step.  Stitching adds alot of dimension and hopefully detracts from my lack of printing skill.  I will continue on with even the less than perfect prints because it gives me something to practice stitching on, and to practice different finishing techniques, or beading.

 A close up on more of Kristin's silk.
 Another chickadee close up.
 This was my least favorite block after proofing, but now it is my favorite.  Arctic Terns, if it is not obvious.  On this one, I did get the notion of how to carve the background.

 I carved this in a workshop with Evon Gerbetz.  Everyone attending the workshop made an element of a 3-D piece.  I have not yet completed mine. 
 My best print of this series.
 Getting sloppy!  See the thread?
 I can do something like this...
Or like this. 


  1. Wow, you got lots done today! It's exciting to see what you are doing with this new skill you have developed.

  2. Have you looked into Staz On inks? They are supposed to be permanent. I have some that come in the ink pads for my stamps. But I do not wash anything.

  3. I am looking for something I can spray on these particular prints that will make them more permanent. I thought I didn't care, that it wouldn't matter, but the ink comes off on my fingers if they are at all damp. I don't intend to wash this either, but who knows what might happen to it in it's life. It is a reduction print so I can't print it again with different ink, becqause all that is left is the mountains.



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