Monday, June 21, 2010

Evon Zerbetz

Last month i was lucky enough to be able to participate in a printmaking workshop with Evon Zerbetz.  This was the real deal with 2 presses.  She taught the chine colle, a technique using specialty papers to add color to a black and white print.  With Evon's encouragement, I decided to work with fabric the second day of the workshop.  I decided that I wanted to stabilize my fabric with freezer paper during the printing process.  Rather than placing the paper on top of the linocut, she had me put the fabric on the bottom and linocut on top before running it through the press.  I also did some hand printing because I won't have a press to work with if I pursue this technique.  In the workshop, we used oil based printing ink.  It worked fine on the fabric although different fabrics took the ink better than others-silk was the best.  Anyway, this is the first quilt that I have made from my prints.  My daughter Kristin asked to see this quilt thus the reason for todays post!  I cut a large spiral stamp today, and have two smaller ones ready to cut.  Also dyed some more fabric today.  Did a great yellow-orange gradation and got some really nice dandelion pieces.  Having a great time with this, but eventually I need to make something.  I have burned through ten yards of fabric so far.


  1. Just wondering if your fish was a linocut provided by the teacher? It is wonderful. I took a class with Rayna Gillman on carving your own stamps. Her book is great.

  2. This sounds terrific! You will have plenty of fabric to have fun with.



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