Friday, June 18, 2010

More Hand-dyes

 This photo is of a 6 step red gradation I did using Fire Red.

I dyed this piece in a pint jar with cobalt blue dye in the bottom and bright yellow on top.

This started as a previously dyed piece of fabric. I sewed sets of concentric circles, and put rubber bands on, as well.

I dyed it in dark green dye and this is what I got.  Dandilions is what it says to me.  I am happy.

Once again, a piece of previously dyde fabric.  I sewed concentric dome shaped lines and left the top without stitching so it would be a more solid color.

I dyed it with cobalt blue dye.  The photo isn't great- there is some detail from the stitching but not enough for all the work.  I think that next time, rather than immersing the peice in dye, I will lay it flat and pour the dye over it and try not to touch it!

Once again, previously dyed fabric.  This time I sewed a section across the fabric that was about 4 inches widebefore the threads were drawn tight and knotted off.
This was also dyed in cobalt blue.  I am happier with this piece.  I was trying for Northern Lights and this definately has potential.

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