Friday, July 16, 2010

More Evon Zerbetz

These quilts are what I have recently been working on.  I have several prints that are a result of a workshop in may with Alaskan printmaker Evon Zerbetz.  I am using them as a means of experimentation with different techniques.I don't know what I think about this black and red piece.  It was an experiment printing over the fused silk strips.  From a distance, the fish was kindof lost so i made a freezer paper stencil and overpainted with Lumiere bronze paint.  I haven't decided if I saved or ruined the quilt.  I had plans for some button sea creatures and beads on the borders around the foiled star fish.

I really like the quilting on this piece.  The border fabric is one of my first pieces of hand dyed fabric.  The organza shells will be filled with fibers and beads before this quilt is complete.

I am really pleased with the texture I achieved with the quilting on this piece.  Decisions, decisions...The original plan was to couch sea grass like fibers over the top.  I often go over the top with embellishments so am trying to hold back.  Sometimes simple is better.  Of course, all of these need binding or facing, whatever I decide to do.  i generally use binding, but on some of these pieces, I want to try facings, or perhaps a fused and turned false back  on those that I decide to bead or otherwise embelish.

I got Lyric Kinard's DVD in the mail yesterday.  I knew that I needed it!  i have been gathering together various surface design supplies over the last couple of months so it is great to have the visuals for ideas of what I want to make.  My brain is moving in so many different directions that it is difficult to know just where to begin.   While I am thinking and planning, it is great to have this pile of prints to work with.

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