Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baranof Museum Show

I would say that the show of my quilts at the Baranov Museum on Friday evening was a success.  75 people attended and three of my quilts were purchased, in addition to one that was in the museum gift shop. The show was hung on the enclosed porch of the museum.  One of the challenges was that since this is a historic building, we couldn't just hammer nails into the walls.  There were hooks in the ceiling, though, left from a previous display of fish prints that were done in 1986 by Something Fishy-Eva Holm, Chris Holland, and Kathy Kinnear.  I digress, but these prints had hung on the porch since 1986 and were in great shape-color still vibrant.  
I had predrilled some 4' dowels, and all of my hanging rods were drilled as well.  We used fishing line and started hanging the quilts, with them strung together.  The only problem with this system is that you can't always take the quilts down one at a time without disturbing the others that they are connected to.  Since this was a one night show, we asked that the quilts that were sold be picked up the following day.  The light was awesome, but this venue would not work after dark!

Streamside and Reeds are two of the quilts purchased for the Museum's permanent collection.

The River and Sockeye are two of the quilts purchased for the Museums permanent collection.

On my way to town on Friday morning I picked up the local paper and what did I see?  Color photos of my quilts on the front page of the newspaper!  Pretty exciting!

Thanks to Anjuli Grantham and all the ladies at the Baranov Museum for putting on this event and for the vote of confidenc,e in applying for and receiving a Rasmusson Grant to purchase the four pieces that will remain in the Museum's collection.  At some point the quilts will go to Anchorage and be displayed at the Rasmusson Foundation.

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