Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Ready for the Baranov Museum Show

I am busy with last minute details, getting ready for the show at the Baranov Museum, on Friday, August 31st, from 4-7 PM.  I have two more pieces that I need to finish, one needs binding and a hanging sleeve, and one needs just a hanging sleeve.  When I was at the museum yesterday to plan how to hang the quilts, I also took my small quilts to show Sarah for the gift shop.  She took them all, and I found out this morning that they are buying all of them outright-I was happy with consignment!  The following pictures are some of the quilts that will be shown at the Baranov Museum on Friday.  The four that the museum purchased will be on display, as well.  They can be seen here:   http://sallysartquilts.blogspot.com/2012/08/great-news.html

Blue Fish
21" x 16"

 Blue Fish is my first foray into Soy wax batik.  My tool was a puff pastry cutter that had been in my kitchen cupboard for 30 years!  Finally a good use for it.  I then machine quilted and couched various fibers.
Sunshine Spirals
18" x 16"
Hand-dyed fabric, quilted and couched spirals.

Lost in the Forest
15" x 18"
Lost in the Forest is constructed with all hand-dyed fabric.  The baby sparrow was printed with a hand carved linoleum block, with Daniel Smith oil based water soluble printing ink, as are all of my prints.  I was really pleased with the forest quilting.

Fish Kodiak
19.5" x 15"
The borders on Fish Kodiak began as a slash and sew experiment.  I had a piece of fabric that I had previously strip pieced that was left over from a previous project which I cut up and added the darker fabrics, without any plan for it's use.  The fish panel is printed in shibori dyed fabric.  The sea weed is free motion stitched on tulle.  Below you can see a closeup that show the beaded elements more clearly.

Fish Kodiak close-up

32" x 16.5"
Home hung on my design wall for a very long time, in different configurations, until I finally settled on this.  It   is constructed with all hand-dyed fabric, the fish printed with a hand-carved block, and a wine cork stamp.

Home close-up

Red Kelp
20" x 15"
The borders on Red Kelp are another slash and cut experiment.  Again the fish were printed on hand-dyed fabric, foil starfish, and various beads, buttons and thread embellishments.

Red Kelp close-up

Night in the North
18.5 x 10"
Night in the North is the last of my reduction prints, done in a workshop with Liz Mitchell a few years ago.  I chose the green silk border, since that was the fabric the print was on.  Unlike the previous pieces in this series, I decided not to use the printed mountains, preferring appliqued mountains instead.  Mother of Pearl stars.

Polkadot  Sea
18" x 18"
My daughter, Ingrid, saw some sunprinted pillows on Pinterest, that she wanted to try making, so we spent a morning sunprinting in July.  There wasn't alot of room to work, so this is all I did that day, leaving her room to work.  I used Setacolor transparent paint, and a stencil.  I like how the layering in this piece effectively shows perspective.
15..5" x 18.5"
 Spring is constructed  from all hand-dyed fabric.  The flowers are made from a piece of lace that I got from my friend, Eva, and dyed.  The chickadee was printed with a hand carved linoleum block.  The borders were constructed freeform.

Spring Close-up
The last three quilts are pieces that will be available which I have previously posted.
Dancing Lady
24" x 24"
Not My Grandmother's Doilie
23" x 26"
Three Kings
34.5" x 19.5"

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