Sunday, April 22, 2012

Carving Tool Pouch

My daughter Ingrid and I made pouches for our lino-carving tools last week while I was visiting in Anchorage.  Above you can see the pouch rolled up and tied.

We put denim on the inside because it will hold up the the sharp blades on the tools.  We alternated the slots for the individual tools so they will nestle up next to one another.

This is the outside of the pouch.  It was an experiment in piecing that wasn't right for the intended project, but perfect for this.  I had two experimental pieces so Ingrid had a fancy outside for her pouch too.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of hers.

We also made this shower curtain for her bathroom-a Pinterest idea!  The intent was to use fabric that she had on hand, but it didn't work out that way!  She want it to match the artwork that she had in the bathroom which was blue and red, colors that she was missing in her stash.  I have sent several boxes of fabric to my daughters recently, in the process of trying to decrease my huge stash, but not alot of red, and most of the blue went to Kristin, for wedding projects.

I also printed 117 wedding flags while I was there.  I had previously dyed blue and purple fabric for this project.  It was 10 hours of printing, done in three sessions.  A productive week, I would say.

I have several quilt tops that are ready for quilting.  I am trying to get several projects started before I pack up my supplies, in anticipation of moving out of the house and being basically homeless for 6 months.  I know I will go crazy if I don't have things to work on but I am going to be without the majority of my supplies until I move into the new studio.  This way, I can pick beads and embellishments to complete the things that I have going.

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