Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Stuff!

Last weekend my quilt guild had a fabric sale.  A beloved member left her stass to the guild when she died last year.  I knew there would be quilt backing sized fabric so I strenuously encoucouraged my Daughter-in-law to go, but I figured it would be alot of older fabric and stuff for more traditional quilts than I make.  She called from there I said i had to go, so I got ready and went to look at what they had to offer.  After all, it was only $2 a yard.  The picture above shows what I got for $60.  Like I suspected, I bought some favorite fabrics from the past.

 Yesterday I went in search of fusibles.  I went to three shops and bought 4 different types of fusibles-wonder under, transweb, misty fuse and one other.  Of course, I purchased a few yards of fabric-have to bolster the local economy.

Yesterday, I also received orders from Dick Blick and Prochemical.  A variety of transparent paints, thiox, an Indigo dye kit, molding mats and stamps, tjantings and brushes and a sponge.  Fun stuff.  I seriously have to stop, though!  I have an order from Hancocks and one from Interweave on the way as well.
These are some of my bird stamps.  i spoke earlier about how I didn't think the style of my Mamma bird was similar to the baby bird so i carved a new one.  Better, I think.  Another picture follows.
I love my Kingfisher!!  I haven't had time to print him yet. 
My new carving of a Golden Crowned Sparrow.

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