Monday, June 20, 2011

More Current Work

Two more small quilts that I have completed recently.  I usually don't put words on my quilts, but, as I was carving the fish stamps, I was thinking about why all the great things are considered male. So, I was driven to carve some words from erasers.  I have some other prints that I used different combinations of the words, but have gotten no further than that.  The second picture is a recuction print I made in a workshop with a local printmaker, Lix Mitchell.  Unfortunately, we used Speedball ink, which is not at all permanent.  I was the only participant working on fabric.  I had textile medium with me, which is the really stupid part.  This print skipped the first stage of the reduction print because I liked the look of the hand dyed fabric.  Also, three layers of ink was too much.  I have yet to try to stitch through one of those.  Also, after the first of these pieces, I sprayed the rest of the prints with something to make them permanent-can't recall what the product was, at the moment.

You can see what I worked on today here:

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