Thursday, September 1, 2011


I do not know why, but it seems that I go through about 20 yards of fabric before I finally start getting results that I am really happy with.  If I was more consistant with my dying, I am sure that this would not be the case.  I forget everything I learned, when there is months between dye sessions.  Next year I hope to be moving into a new studio where I can work year round.  The photo above shows some pieces that were bound with rubber bands and dyed twice.

 I really, really like these pieces. I folded the fabric in half, then stitched half circles approximately 1/2 " apart.  First I dyed the one on the left in fushia and purple and the one on the right in teal.  Then I overdyed in a very dark cobalt dye.  I dipped the stitched portion first, then scrunched the remaining fabric in a container with dye, with the stitched portion sticking above the dye-because I didn't want much of the dark in the center. 
 A silk scarf that was pole wrapped vertically and two stitched piecec that I am extremely happy with.
 A Closeup of my bark fabric.  This was stitched about 1" apart, then dyed in green.  I then overdyed with a dark brown-just wanted a little.
 Another stitched piece.  this was stitched before I realized that I needed to use smaller thread.  There are parts that should be good for something.
 Silk Scarves-pole wrapped.
 Closeup of my circular piece.
Closeup of the other circular piece.

I had to come home on my dinner break from work last night to rinse these fabrics out.  Couldn't wait until I got home!  When I came home from work, I got several more pieces of fabric ready to dyd.  Success is very motivational!

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